A visit of the Casa San Miguel Museum is a must. Here, guests will discover bold as well as riveting art pieces and installations by contemporary and local artists. Guided tours are also available upon request.

The Anita Magsaysay-Ho Gallery and Museum

San Antonio, particularly in San Miguel, where many picnics, dances, and musicales were held and where the clan would gather for the annual La Naval fiesta of the Magsaysays.

Tita Anita was a ribbon cutter when CASA San Miguel opened its doors in March 1993, when a smaller gallery in her name opened with Plet Bolipata's Labing Dalawang Buwan Sa Kabila Ng Kabundukan, which was followed by exhibits featuring established artists such as Robert Feleo, Brenda Fajardo, younger artists such as Elmer Borlongan, Charlie Co and Manny Garibay, and more recently Don Salubayba, Carlo Gabuco and Leeroy New. The gallery was later moved (2012) to its current site, a structure donated by SIEMENS, to accommodate larger exhibits as well as some museum artifacts